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Our animals at the organic farm in Saalfelden - Leogang

Organic products from Saalfelden

On our organic farm, we can offer our guests organic products such as milk or meat on request, depending on the season. All guests of the Hoferbichlgut are cordially invited to take a look at our production.

"The highest price among the Holstein animals was achieved by a very large-framed young cow from the Johann Streitberger farm, Hoferbichl, Saalfelden. This performance-ready Defoe Red daughter with a performance of 33 kg milk and best udder system was bought by Birgit Auer from Hüttau."

Wagyū-Rind | Breeding animals

One of our centrepieces on the farm is our Wagyū cattle breeding. Wagyū cattle are among the most expensive domestic cattle in the world and convince with their unique taste and quality.

Animals on the farm

Noriker horses also inhabit our Hoferbichlgut. These horses, indispensable especially in the Alpine region, are considered to be particularly strong, agile and responsive animals. Or marvel at our award-winning Fleck-cattle and feel the unique calm that these animals radiate.

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Johann Streitberger
Hof 1
5760 Saalfelden
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